History of Graphic Design in South Louisiana

People's History of Graphic Design

Audio and video interviews with local designers. Soon to become a feature length documentary.

ADDA 1961 audio/visual presentation.

The original "Mad Men" of New Orleans present their creative prowess to you from the early days of advertising.

HGD-SL Archive

A curated living history archive, wiki, and community conversation, coming soon.

History Of Graphic Design - South Louisiana Trailer from AIGA New Orleans on Vimeo.
AIGA New Orleans People's History of Graphic Design from AIGA New Orleans on Vimeo.



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About HGD-SL

HGD-SL is a special project of AIGA New Orleans and is made possible by grants and volunteer efforts. Directed by Nancy Sharon Collins and co-chaired by Daniella Marx and Christy Hackenberg, the History of Graphic Design in South Louisiana will live in both digital and physical archival formats. Oral histories are being taken in video and audio formats for an upcoming feature length documentary, and this website will soon serve as a place where Louisiana designers can tell their own histories, add their own insights and recollections and offer their own works to the digital archive.

Who are we?

Nancy Sharon Collins, Daniella Marx, Christy Hackenberg, Rob Hudak, AIGA Board Of Directors, and you, our fellow designers

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How can you contribute?

Donations can be made through AIGA New Orleans - PO Box 50025, New Orleans, LA 70150-0025


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